Membership Information & Fees

Should you have any questions about membership to HSC, please feel free to contact Coach Babin.

Fee Schedule for the 2018-2019 Season

The appropriate fees are due by the beginning of each month.

For 8 and Under Swimmers
$ 75.00
For 9-12 Year Old Swimmers
$ 90.00
For 13 and Over Swimmers
$ 110.00

Other Fees

Multi-Child Discount: More than one child in the family swimming. 1st child pays regular rate, each additional child receives $10.00 off.

USA-S Membership Fees: USA-S offers the following memberships: A Year-Round Membership which good for a calendar year. However, swimmers applying for this type of membership on or after September 1st will be registered through December 31st of the following year. The fee for this type of membership is $69.00. A seasonal membership which is split into two different season each season membership is good for 150 days. The fee for this type of membership is $38.50 and the last membership is called Outreach. An Outreach membership is good for a calendar year. However, swimmers applying for this type of membership on or after September 1st will be registered through December 31st of the following year. In order to be eligible for an outreach membership the athlete must provide verification to USA-S annually that he/she is eligible for the Free/Reduced School Lunch, Food Stamps, Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Social Security Disability Insurance, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, Supplemental Security Income, Women, Infant and Children’s Program, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Plan, Section 8 Public Housing, Home Energy Assistance Program and other. New swimmers who join us during our Winter Season will be registered with a year-round membership due to USA-S Insurance rules and will register new swimmers who join us during our summer season with a seasonal membership. If the new swimmer who is joining us during either the winter or summer seasons is eligible for the outreach membership, we will register them with that type of membership. If you are eligible for this type of membership, please let us know at the time you register with the club.

Team Registration Fee: $20.00 per family (due at registration).

Meet Fees: Meet fees generally fall in the range of $3-$5 for each individual event. In an effort to reduce the financial burden for families paying monthly fees to the team, HSC pays for relay entries, home meet fees, and swimmer surcharges for Maine Swimming Sponsored Events. (Larger meets, such as Winter Champs, Summer Champs, and Bowdoin Open, have a “swimmer surcharge” of $9-$10 per swimmer). Due to the fact that meet fees are paid in advance, it is critical that serious consideration is made prior to letting the coach know of your intentions to swim in any given “away” meet. We understand that emergencies do arise, but you are responsible for meet fees whether your child attended the meet or not if the coach cannot cancel the entries prior to the meet date.

Other Information

High School Team Swimmers: HSC charges full monthly fees for November for high school swimmers (who “leave” the team mid-November for the start of the high school competitive season) and then do not charge for February monthly fees when they “return” to the team (also mid-month).

Billing: Monthly fees are due at the beginning of each month. Many families, however, wait until the end of the month when the treasurer sends out a monthly statement. These statements are e-mailed or mailed (USPS) based upon family preferences indicated on the registration form.

If a swimmer swims any part of the month then the whole month is charged. Any special financial circumstances must be approved by the board. For more information on the special financial circumstances and if have any questions regarding the dues structure please contact Becky Reeve or if you have questions regarding USA-S membership please contact Thomas Branch.

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