Maine Swimming, Inc. and Hurricane Swim Club are Always Looking For Volunteers

Hurricane Swim Club is a non-profit organization made up of very dedicated volunteers! Interested individuals donate their time, energy and expertise at every level. Likewise, Maine Swimming, Inc. is organized according to the representative and participatory principles of USA Swimming. The House of Delegates of Maine Swimming, Inc. consists of members of club representatives, elected Athlete Representatives and Coach Representatives, members of the Board of Directors and at-large House of Delegate members. The MSI House of Delegates is responsible for managing the affairs of Maine Swimming, Inc. and for the establishment of policies, procedures and programs. The House of Delegates meets twice a year, generally in May and in October. During the intervals between meetings of the House of Delegates, the MSI Board of Directors, which is composed of elected officers and committee chairs, and they are responsible for making decisions for Maine Swimming, Inc. For more information on Maine Swimming, Inc., please see their website.

Who is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who is willing to help perform any one of the necessary jobs in our club or Maine Swimming, Inc.. Your role as a volunteer is important to the sport. You can be actively involved in your child’s swimming program and can also be instrumental in promoting swimming in the United States. With a positive attitude and a willingness to lend a hand, you will also have a great impact on your child’s athletic environment and the love of swimming.

There are unlimited opportunities to get involved to help in almost any capacity. Some of the rewards of volunteering are meeting new people, making new friends and having the pleasure of knowing that you have helped your child and the club.

Give volunteering a try! Any contributions you make will be appreciated. Ask one of the coaches how you can help. They will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate people who will place you in an area where your skills can be utilized.

Volunteer Jobs – There are unlimited opportunities to get involved in almost any capacity. Hurricane Swim Club or Maine Swimming Inc. are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers. Finding a way you can contribute is the most important thing to remember.

Consider Yourself Asked!

Last Updated on October 15, 2015
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