Parents Information

We’d love feedback on this section. What would you parents and guardians of the swimmers like to see here for resources? Please let the webmaster know your ideas and we will try to post the information you need right here.

Are you a new swim parent?
Here are a few hints for you parents that are new to swimming.

Parents’ Roles:
Top 14 Swimming Parents’ Roles from “Getting Parents on the Team” by Dr. Alan Goldberg of Competitive Advantage.

Ten Commandments:
For Parents of Athletic Children from “The Young Athlete” by Bill Burgess.

Glossary of Swimming Terms:
Here are swimming terms for parents that are new to swimming.

Suggested Reading:
For Swim Parents: USA Swimming Parents Section has some of the best information anywhere on how to support your swimmer!

From the HSC Coaches: We ask parents to refrain themselves from being on pool deck during practices and swim meets due to USA-S Insurance rules. You are more then welcome to watch from the balcony and enjoy your child’s progress. If you need to speak to a coach, please do so before or after a practice.

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