New Swim Parents?

Notes for swim meets
  • The HSC Coaches will enter the events for your child.
  • Coach will share what events they are swimming a few days before the meet.
  • Be there in time for warm-ups.
  • Pool directions are located on our website.
  • Go to appropriate locker room to change up, bring swim bag and belongings out on deck to team location (do not leave anything in locker room)
  • Meet Information is available on HSC website (Fees/Warm-Up/Meet Times/Ect.)
What a swimmer should pack for a swim meet
  • Pack the same as if you were heading to practice (but no fins/paddles) plus…
  • Label everything
  • Extra towel (one for on deck between swims and one for locker)
  • Extra suit/cap/goggle
  • Hydration (something healthy to drink)
  • Snack (no popcorn, no candy – energy bars are nutritious and good)
  • Concession Money (just in case)
  • Sweat shirt/polypro or athletic suit (keep warm between events)
  • Bring an activity between events (ie: music, magazine, caution on distraction, could miss an event – no noisemakers ie: headphones for music/games)
What a swimmer should know about a swim meet
  • Quiet at the start
  • No flash photos at the start – it distracts the swimmer
What the family should pack for a swim meet
  • Goggle in glove box
  • Camera/video (important, no flash at start of race)
  • Quiet at the start
  • Layered clothes (some of the pool seating areas are very humid)
  • Sandals or sneakers (in case you volunteer to time)
  • Program and admission money, Swim Product vendor may be there too
  • Sit next to a seasoned parent to see how a meet is structured/how to read the events
  • Pen and Highlighter (highlight events your child is swimming and teammates – write down swim times)
  • Magazine, book, paper
During and after the meet
  • After each event your swimmer should see the coach first… then you. Coaches love to talk with the swimmer to share observations/feedback.
  • Swimmer should check in with coach on when to leave (usually after last event for the swimmer, some kids will stay for other swimmers events). It’s important to check with coach, swimmers don’t want to miss a relay or a team meeting or important information from coach.
  • After the meet double check that your swimmer has everything (lockers rooms can be hectic & often suits, towels, goggles, deck sandals get left behind). Most host teams will hold a lost/found for a few days after a meet. Contact them.
Meet Results
  • Will be posted on our website when information becomes available.
Last Updated on January 6, 2014
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